Flemish and Dutch poetry giants

Poems and music bits by ‘Flemish Giants’

Browsing through masterpieces and milestones of Flemish and Dutch poetry.

With writers such as:
  • Guido Gezelle
  • Paul Snoek
  • Paul Van Ostaijen
  • Hugo Claus
  • Luuk Gruwez
  • Willem Elsschot
  • Tom Lanoye
  • Alice Nahon

The poems are read aloud, giving the listener but one chance to fathom their meaning. That’s why we have chosen transparent poems and opt for a clear declamation.

The musical accompaniment ensures variation and enables the listener to let the texts sink in.

Composers such as:
  • Peter Benoit
  • Joseph Reylandt
  • Frans Hanssen
  • Jean Douliez
  • Jan Huylebroeck
  • Lucien Wurmser
  • Gabriël Verschraegen

  • Michael Pas: actor/narrator
  • Jeroen Keymeulen: guitar
  • Luk callens: oboe