Musical theatre Napoleon

Soprano Anne Cambier, actor Michaël Pas and Ensemble I Justiniani
Director: Stef De Paepe

In November 2008 the musical theatre show Napoleon successfully premiered. As the title suggests, it is Napoleon, Emperor of France, who is speaking. A performance both tough and tender, gripping, poignant, rough and moving.

Napoleon is having a lonely night.

As he’s pondering, these considerations come to mind: strategy lessons, all women he has maintained a ravishing correspondence with, reveries about his battles and the horses he has ridden, and, finally, St. Helena, where he – banished – acts the little Emperor, together with a miniature royal household of 25 men.

The once so illustrious Emperor now occupies himself with the largest banalities …

Anne Cambier, soprano
Michaël Pas, actor
Ensemble I Justiniani:
Hans Van Kerckhoven, violin
Michaël Pas, Stef De Paepe, composition and text editing
Stef De Paepe, director
An Dierckx, jewellery design
Costea, costume design
Stijn Saveniers, orchestration
Catalpa Productions bvba / Luk Callens, concept and production

Michael Pas (photo: Koen Broos)

Hans van Kerckhove