The Lighthouse (Sir Peter Maxwell Davies)

the ‘international press’ were unanimously praising …

“Exciting musical theatre: Etienne Siebens and the Catalpa Ensemble have managed to bring to life the particular atmosphere of this work, in a compelling musical performance” — De Standaard (E.M.), 12.04.1999

“The Lighthouse may very well be Davies’s most exciting score for the musical theatre” — De Morgen, 14.04.1999

“… voll elektrisher Spannung auch für den, der genau weiss, was gleich kommt (…) die verblüffendsten, zartesten klangmischungen…” — Opernwelt 07.1999

“Gripping and unforgettable” — The Daily Telegraph (D.F.), 5.10.1999

“… all combine in a finely focused visual interpretation which, for all its intensity, does nothing to distract attention from the score.” — The Times (G.L.), 5.10.1999

“Haunted in the Hebrides”… superb performances, as if possessed by the weirdness of it all, and Etienne Siebens drew virtuoso playing from his 12 versatile instrumentalists. It is, I think, a kind of masterpiece” — The Sunday Telegraph (M.K.), 10.10.1999

“Au pupitre, Etienne Siebens est chez lui dans cette musique et l’on sent à chaque instant combien sa connaissance intime de l’oeuvre scénique de Peter Maxwell Davies est authentique (…) Et les musiciens de l’Ensemble Catalpa signent sous sa direction une interprétation qui emporte l’adhésion totale.” — Le Soir (M.D.), 10.03.2001

“Maxwell Davies could not have found more enthusiastic performers than the Catalpa Ensemble, a 12 strong Belgian group conducted by Etienne Siebens.” — The Bulletin (M.C.), 15.03.2001